About Finley...

Phoenix Ward have been with us through our darkest of days and celebrated with us when Finley achieved milestones. They are a huge part of our life, they are our 2nd family, actually we see the nurses & Doctors more then most our family!

Finley, was diagnosed with a Fat allergy at 4years old. He is only the 2nd known case to have this allergy. Finley is under GOSH and has been since he was 7 weeks old. He has had over 10 operations in his little life. From 7 weeks old, Finley puzzled the Drs, although he tried many medicated formulas, he was still reacting. Finley was very poorly, including bleeding in his bowel. Finley was totally tube fed but was still reacting, losing weight and had no energy. He was a toddler, he should have been causing havoc, instead he was laying on the sofa.

We were taking into GOSH & admitted. Finley was taking into surgery and they placed a central line. This is a special line that he had nutrition through and it goes straight to the heart ensuring his vital organs would get the nutrients they needed and giving his gut total rest. This changed him, he was a different child! He started gaining weight, he had energy! After a few weeks they tried putting the different ingredients back into his gut via his feeding tube. This is all went well until they tried to add Fat. This is when Finley became extremely poorly again. Finleys body rejects fat in the gut. His immune-system fights it thinking its a foreign body. His body was attacking itself. You need Fat in your diet for your organs to function.

Finley is now 7 and a half. He is like any other child his age, he has energy, sometimes too much! No one would know there was anything wrong until you look under his t-shirt, that's where his life savers are, his feeding tube and his port (central line). To keep Finley so well we have to go to Phoenix Ward weekly for fat infusions. These are over 8 hours so we have a weekly sleepover and Finley or as he likes to be known ‘King of the Ward’ loves them! GOSH is his main hospital, but Phoenix have picked up the pieces on many occasions, they are our first call when Finley is poorly. Hearing a familiar voice on the end of a phone, or seeing that face as you walk through the doors, makes those dark times a little less dark. They have played a massive part in our lives and without them I don’t want to think about what the last 7 1/2 years would have been like. The Nurses, Doctors, Health Care Assistants, Play Specialists, House Keepers, everyone on that ward will have a special place forever in our hearts.

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