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Learning to live with a long term illness or disability can be very challenging for a child, for the parents as well as any siblings and friends...

Here at Shai's Smile one of our objectives is to provide a hub of information and education across a range of areas including but not limited to dealing with illness and tragedy, hospital stays/visits, how to speak to children or young adults about their or your illness and a host of other helpful and supportive subjects. 

We will aim to keep this section as simple and easy to navigate as possible, providing downloadable activities that can help to ease or pass lengthy waits or periods of uncertainty. We want to try to make your families change in circumstance as palatable as it possibly could be through information and education. 

We hope this section will provide you with valuable information and advice. When Shai got sick I didn’t know where to turn or who to talk to. In the beginning I didn’t know of any other parents in a similar situation or any groups or forums where I could connect with other people to get advice.

Here at Shai’s Smile there is always someone available to talk to and although we may not have the answers we will do our best to help you get the answers or advice you need but just as important there will be someone to listen and lean on.

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Every donation really makes a huge impact to improve & enrich a struggling child or families lives. 
Without your kindness and support there will be many who struggle more than they should.

Thank you for your support.